Saturday, January 01, 2005

Blogs of Note

Well since this is a new year and all. I've decided to start a new subsection to the "Rants From Alright Guys" page. And since I've been talking about using sub-blogs to organize things for about two months now, I'm going to finally start doing it. I believe Mr_Nuts has already started his first sub-blog called "Bryan's Movie Reviews". And Kat has hers called A Calm in Vertigo. So here is my first, Blogs of Note.

Every time I'm on here, I try to surf the "Next Blog" button at least a few times until I either find something worth reading or I just give up because I'm sick of reading about dreary Goth poems about how much pain someone is in, Jill's diary, the most recent advances in computer bullshit, or things in foreign languages that I am unable to comprehend. I'm not saying that they are bad blogs, just that they are incredibly fucking boring to me (and probably to at least 90% of the English speaking world as well.) I think many blogs are written more for the self then for others, but here is a few that broke that barrier and managed to catch my eye. They are in whatever order my bookmarks folder put them in. (it's not alphabetical. Appearances are deceiving.)

CELEBRITY FEET - This site has a bunch of pictures of famous peoples feet. It's not incredibly well organized, or particularity glamorous. But he takes requests, and if you have a foot fetish this is the place for you.

Gay Movies - I'm not entirely sure why this one caught my eye, but it did. I can't say as I've ever seen a gay porn review site before, but whoever writes this one really enjoys his work. Call me a faggot, but there is something funny about reading movie reviews that start off by saying " I'm dipping his gay cock in farm-fresh cream and picking my teeth with it."

I bet after sex he smokes a ham... - I'm not sure if it is just the title or the weird little pictures of playdoh figurines that caught my eye here. Some of it is ranting, the rest is just weird.

Off The Post - Mostly just humorous little stories and rantings. Not particularly lewd, but still funny. A few good anti-Bush pics and comments as well.

Politart - I don't really follow politics but I like to bitch about them. A good political ranting blog.

WordOnUSBull - I'm not sure why this caught my eye. It only has two posts. But it is in my bookmarks so there must have been a reason. The little bitch about Bush's religious peddling is amusing though. *DEAD

What fresh hell is this? - This site is a daily update blog full of funny little quote worthy statements. Most are pretty amusing. They could make a desk calendar from this site.

Stalkers Not Allowed - I actually found this from a comment posted on the rants page. I think it is a review page. There are reviews of movies, music, and various consumer goods. Most are a mix of review and rant. Rather entertaining. In fact, I'd have to say it is probably the most worthwhile link on this list.

Rants in Our Pants - Another political rant site, though this one tends to be more right-winged then left. Still a couple of amusing ones. I especially like the Canadian one. *DEAD

Cliche kitty - Truthfully, I don't get this site. It seems a bunch of pointless garble to me. But the catch phrase (that is repeated more often then the power=responsibility line in Spiderman 1 & 2) is quite funny. "Every time you masturbate god kills a kitten."

and last but not least... - If you notice the spelling this is only one letter off from our main site. I feel sorry for the poor bastard he makes that misspelling. He's definaely not gonna find what he's looking for here.

If you think you blog is something an AG might enjoy, send me the link via email and maybe I'll post it on the next one.


At 5:19 PM, Blogger Arethusa said...

oh my gosh I got a shoutout! :blush: Thanks a lot, I'm glad that you like it, as I started it out of umm...boredom? I never planned it that way but yeah it's pretty much turned into a review blog of sorts.

At 9:27 AM, Blogger DC-Giant said...

Many thanks for the acknowledgement of 'Off The Post!' Looking forward to being entertained by your blog.

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